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Pluggers, 9/9/11

Now, non-pluggers, you’re probably confused to see a chicken she-plugger refer to her dog husband as “Henny”. This doesn’t mean that he’s taken his wife’s name — ha ha, that would be unthinkable! She’s just name-checking to Henny Youngman, who was the world’s most prominent producer of humor around the time pluggers stopped paying attention to pop culture forever.

Two somewhat subtle points about this panel that I think are important for its correct interpretation: one, this jokey plugger is standing next to a (presumably spiked) punchbowl; and two, there are kangaroo pluggers. In other words, this guy is getting drunk and telling racist jokes at 7 p.m., much to his wife’s horror.

Apartment 3-G, 9/9/11

Fellas! A lady sure does like it when you propose marriage to her without having had any kind of discussion with her about it in advance. She especially likes it when you put her on the spot in front of your entire family, leaving her in the incredibly awkward position of either humiliating you in front of your loved ones or accepting a proposal that she’s still ambivalent about. Try it out on the girl you’ve been dating for a few weeks, and her eyes will almost certainly bug out with love and adoration, just like Lu Ann’s are in panel two.