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It’s another comment of the week, and an early one at that! I know I usually keep my ad plugs for the end, but there’s one I wanted to draw your attention to up top: your eyes do not deceive you, there is a Slylock Fox Spot The Differences Game for the iPhone and iPad! YOU KNOW YOU WANT IT!

Ahem. And now, your comment of the week:

“That’s definitely not Dudley Do-Right we see in Mark Trail. It’s his religious cousin, Dudley Deuteronomy.” –Mibbitmaker

And your runners up! Very funny!

“I’m hoping Batuik is setting us up for a Funkiverse Time Shift Revelation: ‘So if your father was Smokey Williams, you must know all about the Crankshaft Massacres! The fireball that engulfed his family … The Garden Club decapitations … And the final horrific school bus crash into the Icy Cuyahoga River … Your father could have stopped it all, but he just made it worse! Why? Why? WHY?'” –Lorne

It looks like I’m engaged to a jock! Which explains why, as a nerd, I just got my glasses broken. What, you didn’t think I could find a way to whine about even the most positive moments of my life? LES MOORE, MOTHERFUCKERS. RESPECT.” –Windier E. Megatons

“It’s too bad Les never met Lu Ann. He could wax pseudo-philosophical on his front porch swing to his heart’s content, and she’d just be content to sit at his side thinking ‘Wow, a porch swing, how very quaint in a bland, suburban way!’ They would be completely absorbed in their own tiny little worlds, and thus completely happy together.” –TheDiva

“‘Oh, please, Jughaid — not another apple!!’ ‘Nope!! I brung you an apple, Miz Prunelly!!’ ‘O … kay.'” –Chyron HR

“So McQueen is operating on the assumption that people are going to drive to wherever-in-the-hell valley to look at transient waterfowl that may or may not have biblical bands around their legs after reading an as-yet-to-be-written article in a wildlife magazine? I think the mercury-based hair dye he uses may be seeping in through the skin (note: Don’t forget the eyebrows next time!).” –geekwhisperer

I could stay here forever, Paul. And in fact, I’ll have to, because at the rate I’m apparently aging between panels one and three I’ll be dead in a matter of seconds! Just bury me where I fall.” –Windier E. Megatons

“Even more bizarre than the ideas that tourism is bad for the valley or that tourists will be attracted to Bible-geese is the idea that people actually read and are inspired by the articles Mark or Kelly churn out in their poorly-managed dead-tree publication filled with content by people who can’t string together a natural sounding sentence in conversation, much less on paper.” –Alex Blaze

“Well, Princess, it seems my bizarrely complex and ill-conceived plan to spread the Good Word through golden Bible verses attached to a tiny population of migratory water-fowl has drawn the attention of two viciously self-centered nature writers whose readership of insane shut-ins must surely number in the low dozens. Deliver these micro-engraved platinum acorns to our most powerful ally that she may know our darkest fears have come to pass. Hurry! To the Queen of the Ants!” –firedmyass

“With all my heart, I hope this will finally be the adventure where it’s revealed that a steady stream of men with interesting facial hair are concocting fake conspiracies in an effort to help their friend Mark avoid the women in his life.” –Jocelyn Knockersbury

“Hey Sergeant MacQueen, can your message be delivered in the form of randomly-placed dog urine? If so, you’ve made the right choice.” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“‘Now that you mention it, what AM I doing here? I could be home, watching TV!’ It’s sort of ironic that Peter works for a newspaper, actually.” –Carly

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