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Guys, it’s come to my attention that some of you are unconvinced that a professional soccer player would have so many groupies that he’d need his manager to screen them. Faithful reader Gal Friday points out that there’s an entire Website dedicated to hot soccer-playin’ dudes, the name of which is suspiciously similar to Kicking It. Also, if Bobby rejects Gina, maybe he she could purchase the affections of a member of Chivas USA.

Also, several faithful readers drew my attention to this story about the most depressing comic strips. Funky Winkerbean isn’t even on the list!

Anyway, now it’s time for your comment of the week:

“The funny poo says: ‘Thank you … I’ll be here all week. No, really. Ziggy’s toilet is broken.'” –Mark B

And your runners up! Very funny!

‘Do you like it, Lu Ann?’ ‘Do I like what?’ These words will be repeated on their honeymoon.” –Pozzo

“Meanwhile, in Apartment 3G, we learn the only thing whiter and blander than Paul and Lu Ann are the houses they live in.” –bbofun

“I find it hard to believe that Tommie and Lu Ann count for just as many ‘G’ as Mighty Margo does. I’d say Margo is about 2.5 G all by herself, leaving Tommie with (say) 0.3 G and Lu Ann with 0.2 G, so if Lu Ann moves out they will only have to move slightly to one side into Apartment 2.8-G.” –Shrug

“I’m not buying Rex’s incredulous unfamiliarity with the notion of cutting, partly because he’s a trained medical professional but mainly because I refuse to believe he watches any fewer Lifetime movies than I do.” –Violet

“Apparently in high school football it’s totally legal to karate chop an opposing team player’s knee tendons with your … wait, is that his left or his right hand? Wtf?” –sporknpork

“What if Marty Moon is a disgruntled call center helpline operator? ‘Paris keeps around left end … he’s in!’ ‘Uhm, can you tell me why my computer doesn’t boot up?'” –Dood

“Ha ha! God pisses on your Lisa Worship. ‘What part of “You shall have no other gods besides me” do you not understand?'” –Little Guy

“Seriously, pluggers are held together with carpenter’s glue, prescription meds, spit, and misplaced down-homey smugness.” –Nervous Newbie

“I’m wondering why Carla looks so sad in the last panel. Ha Ha, just kidding! How else would she be allowed to look? Sad and smug are the only authorized emotions in this strip, and Les has claimed the smug quota for the next 175 years.” –A New Day

“The real joke here is the suggestion that Marvin will ever, ever be potty-trained. The moment he started eliminating waste discreetly and uneventfully, the strip would go from reprehensibly lazy to completely unsustainable.” –Mollie

FLDS compound! Wait till she meets his other wives. Oh yeah, the reunion. She probably has.” –Snowshoecat

KickingIt Magazine sounds uncomfortably like a deathstyle guide for would-be suicides.” — T Campbell

“The ‘hotel chocolates’ that Mr. Fulton gave Ditto were actually miniature bars of soap. It was worth a shot.” –Lorne

“I believe Ditto is just out casing a few houses, using a pretext only his senile neighbors would believe. ‘Gee, Mr. Wavering, you say it isn’t halloween? That’s weird … Hey, that’s a nice coin set. Are those real silver dollars?'” –pugfuggly

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