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Good evening everybody! Your COTW in a moment, but first two items of interest! First of all, I know many of you fondly remember the now-cancelled My Cage strip. Well, the two creative minds behind, Ed Power and Melissa DeJesus, are cooking up a new project: a graphic novel called Santa vs. Dracula! It’s about, well, pretty much what you’d think, based on the title. You can help them get it off the ground by pre-ordering through Kickstarter! Click the link to see some sample pages. You know you want it!

Also! You have of course already been made aware of [Citation Needed], the exciting new compilation of the best of Wikipedia’s worst writing by Conor Lastowka and myself. But perhaps you are thinking “Feh, I only purchase goods and services that are endorsed by John Hodgman and/or Rob Bricken of Topless Robot fame.” Well, get your wallet, my friend.

And now, your comment of the week!

“Mountie McQueen is just following strict Canadian law enforcement protocol. He jumps out from behind a tree and shouts ‘Surprise!’ It’s kind of their version of Miranda rights.” –geekwhisperer

And the runners up … very funny!

“Since there are no trees in sight, where exactly did that beaver get those branches? Unless it’s actually chewing on moose bones — in which case this scenario is far more horrifying than anyone imagined.” –BigTed

“I love the befuddled expressions on Jughaid and Snuffy. It’s like one of them is going to break the silence by saying ‘What we gon’ say when we git our pichure tooken?'” –Red Greenback

‘Really? Aren’t you younger than Daddy?’ ‘Yes, dear, but I’m his trophy wife. You, on the other hand, aren’t anybody’s trophy anything, unless there’s an award for worst outcome of finding the condom box empty.'” –seismic-2

“You can tell Rick works in the music industry — what with his powder-blue Members Only jacket and regular boy’s haircut, he’s practically 50 Cent’s twin!” –Patrick

“As we all know, when it comes to songwriting, quantity is what matters. Tommie doesn’t wonder whether her songs are insipid, predictable, tuneless variations on the theme of hoping the right man with a neckerchief comes along someday, or how will she be able to know her true love if his hair is the same color as another man’s; she wonders whether she’s written enough of them. And Rick’s like, ‘…yeah, sure, let’s go with that. Not enough songs.'” –Yahtzee

“I find it makes a considerable difference to assume that whenever Mary has a hand in a relationship, either by giving advice or by directly involving herself without warrant, she dictates that the couple refrain from any sexual activities until she alone has given the go-ahead. It would explain all of the facial expressions anyways.” –R Felix

Judge Parker: I thought you guys said Sophie was in junior high? Why can Derek drive? Why do I kind of think he’s cute JUST KIDDING LALALA I DIDN’T SAY THAT” –twg

“Oh, right, like Mary Worth goes to that diner for the pie and not for the emotionally crippled staff.” –Lolsworth

“Chip has downloaded the ‘Grammatically incorrect past-tense verb’ app, the ultimate in parental-annoyance technology. ‘BROUGHT, you ignorant son of a bitch!’ is all Hi will be able to think for the next three weeks.” –Doctor Handsome

“I worry about Bobby and Gina growing old together, though. If they can’t see over the steering wheel NOW, what hope do they have of driving off into the sunset when they’re eighty? Too small for cars, too fragile for skateboards: it’s a disaster waiting to happen.” –Krazy Kat

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