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Apartment 3-G, 10/29/11

Wow, Tommie sure popped up out of nowhere in the second panel there, didn’t she? It’s like she was cowering in her room, only coming out when she realized that Margo and Lu Ann’s constant bickering had been briefly and mysteriously suspended. “Here’s to the three of us! Let’s enjoy our time together while we can! I prepared these glasses of hemlock, so this brief and uncharacteristic moment of domestic peace can be preserved … forever.

Shoe, 10/29/11

Never have the trademark Shoe Goggle Eyes Of Horror seemed less appropriate. “Oh my God, my pick-up line worked! I had anticipated that attempting to woo this woman would fail as always and lead me back to my comfortable place of self-loathing! Now I might have to attempt to engage in an actual intimate relationship with another bird-person! GROSS.”