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Gil Thorp, 12/14/11

Oh, hey, it looks like this year’s current basketball plot will bring back some mildly beloved characters from last winter, including the witty, fashion-forward, Glee-and-Project-Runway-loving, do-we-have-to-spell-it-out-for-you, well-too-bad-we’re-not-going-to-for-some-reason Lini Verde. Lini gives Lopat’s new tattoo the savagely hilarious put-down it probably deserves (not that any of us reading at home would know, since the strip stubbornly refuses to actually show it to us), but I’m more interested in the fact that Lini is pushing his freakishly long finger straight into his face, presumably to distract himself from the fact that he needs to spend another year minimum surrounded by these witless cretins.

Pluggers, 12/14/11

Ha ha, it’s funny because pluggers’ friends are all dying, and they’re too tired or scared to make new ones! You know, if I were this he-plugger I’d be concerned by where exactly his wife is going with this conversation, because it sounds to me that she’s about to float her idea for a murder-suicide pact.