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Apartment 3-G, 12/21/11

Aww, Lu Ann as earned herself a little post-engagement-breaking-off aimless wandering/thought ballooning. Naturally, I’m EXTREMELY hesitant to argue with any sentence that starts with “Maybe Margo was right all along,” but … maybe the adjective you’re thinking of isn’t “happy” so much as “creepy, controlling, and cult-like”? OK, that’s three adjectives, but you know. Of course, if Lu Ann did fall in love with the entire Linski compound, that’s a sure sign of insanity on her part, so Margo could still be right in that the Lu Ann’s misplaced affections are a sign of her severe emotional problems.

Spider-Man, 12/21/11

“I mean, will this new apartment have a ‘door,’ or one of those fancy new ‘windows’ everyone’s talking about? I know you got a big raise, but this is New York, and real estate is spendy if you want those kinds of amenities.”

Family Circus, 12/21/11

“And I’m not sweet at all! Everyone who’s met me thinks I’m basically intolerable!”