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Apartment 3-G, 2/29/12

Huh, did Scott really not know that Tommie and Margo were roommates? That seems like a weird detail … that probably won’t be relevant at all in this plotline, if we’re lucky, because quite frankly it sounds like a really boring thing to dwell on, why did we even bring it up in the first place. Much more interesting to me: Scott’s look of drugged out bliss in panel three. “Yes Tommie … my wife … doesn’t know her own body … only I know what’s good for her .. soon … the baby … coming soon … yessss …”

Mark Trail, 2/29/12

Is it bad to find the idea of Butch the blind dog wandering around and bumping into things in the forest hilarious? Uh, of course! It’s bad. Bad, bad Mark Trail!