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Apartment 3-G, 6/20/12

So, sure, it’s always a bit tricky trying to read things into Apartment 3-G’s only-from-the-waist-up we-cannot-depict-legs they-are-an-abomination-against-the-lord aesthetic, but based on Scott’s posture, he looks less like a man desperately scrambling through traffic to get to his pregnant wife and more like a man striding ostentatiously and slowly in the middle of the street to make a big deal out it. Maybe this is more of Margo’s gossip-control PR? “Nothing can stop me as I make my leisurely way towards my wife’s apartment, where she’s probably in terrible danger or whatever! Do you hear me, Page Six informants? My marriage is strong!”

Dick Tracy, 6/20/12

“I have an idea, chief. What if we don’t get any warrants, but just bust in there and kill everyone, then blame it on a rival gang? It’s the Dick Tracy way!”