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Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 8/6/12

Since much of electoral politics consists of convincing large groups of people that all their problems are caused by small groups of people, it was only a matter of time before attack ads started singling out individual private citizens by name. Picking on Snuffy Smith and his friends is a smart move, actually, as it won’t lose anybody a single vote; due to a misunderstanding of the phrase “no taxation without representation,” Hootin’ Holler refuses to allow the Elections Board to set up polling places in the community, because they believe that in so doing they’re also keeping out the revenooers.

Momma, 8/6/12

God help me, but I love Francis’s sly look in panel three. “Hmm, I hadn’t considered that, actually! You know, for all her bluster, Momma does have some sound business sense. Gosh, I love lollipops!”

Apartment 3-G, 8/6/12

If by “tall,” you mean “the exact same height as Margo, who has never been depicted as particularly tall,” and by “shy,” you mean “openly discussing his emotional state with a total stranger within seconds of meeting her,” but otherwise, sure, whatever, narration box.