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OK, fine, summer ended weeks ago, but it is balmy in Baltimore! While I enjoy the 80 degree October weather, you enjoy your comment of the week:

Luann: “This comic is best enjoyed with the subtle implications, like Toni’s life being so miserable that she’s talking to a high schooler about her long distance pen pal. ‘So uh … was it a Dingo stamp? Don’t you hang up, I need this! If I get off the phone, Brad will try to sleep with me.'” –S. Stout

And the runners up! Very funny!

I know! I saw it on Facebook! I monitor your family’s every move online. I’m going to live unnoticed in a crawlspace in your home. I’m going to smell your hair while you’re sleeping.” –Chareth Cutestory

“Les’ look of surprise just screams, ‘You mean that’s been an option all along?! Let’s shoot each other!'” –HAnzMFG

Phantom: “Maybe the lioness just doesn’t see the point of all this any more? Eat sleep kill. Eat sleep kill. And someday, die. I’d think that a man who’s the 20th person in a row to spend his entire adult life enacting and reenacting his 496-years-dead ancestor’s violence-fueled psychodrama would understand how that feels.” –Raspy Cricket

‘You’re blushing’ — do the cyborg work-slaves who draw and color this strip know what ‘blushing’ is? That it gives light-skinned human faces a noticeably reddish hue? Would this have been an overly difficult visual effect to produce, especially considering it was specifically mentioned by a character as a plot point? Do they know that human sport jackets don’t change color instantly, unlike the skin of the reptilian super-commandos who guard their secret prison? Could someone at least show them a picture of human lower appendages? No?” –geekwhisperer

“I am beginning to think ‘Jim’ from Mary Worth and ‘Steve’ from Gil Thorp are the same person: some remorseless con-man who is bent on milking his missing limb for all the unpaid coaching gigs and frumpy, self-absorbed teenage tail it’s worth.” –TheSilentG

This man has a diploma. He also believes that Ziggy deserves pain. I trust this guy!” –Izzy

“[Apartment 3-G’s Evan] doesn’t realize that he’s in a door-slamming bedroom farce without bedrooms.” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“Look, it’s a plugger PDA! And a plugger iPhone! And a plugger’s version of whatever kind of high-tech table those really hip people must use! She’s breathing plugger air, an impoverished and less oxygenated mix that is somehow more honest and virtuous than whatever goddamn ozone those fucking hipsters breathe in Capitol City!” –[Old Man] Muffaroo

“And by way off Broadway, I mean they’re held in a zeppelin moored over Brooklyn.” –Little Blue Bicycle

“It’s not a very funny Shoe, but the last panel is funny when taken out of context.” –parcheesi

“It’s not a thingy, the proper term is ‘penis.’ And that’s not water, it’s blood.” –cheech wizard

“I like how Ed Asner and the dog share a moment, wondering how this became their lives.” –sporknpork

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