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Archie, 11/30/12

We have proved with painstaking historical research that the current run of Archie newspaper comics originated in the early 1990s. Today’s strip offers more evidence of this: it’s set in a time period where this whole “recycling” business was something that eager, green-minded teens had to teach their hidebound parents, who just wanted to throw all their garbage directly into the water supply, in accordance with the traditions of their ancestors. Unfortunately, the strip’s creators from this era did not have access to any young people (something that probably shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that Archie has always treated teenagers with contempt), so they appear to have reconstructed the recycling process from secondhand reports. It involves having unboxed waist-high piles of neatly folded newspapers on your lawn, right?

Gil Thorp, 11/30/12

I’m pretty sure we’ve never actually seen Terry Gallagher’s dad over the course of this storyline, so I’m kind of intrigued by the fact that Terry’s mom says that he “doesn’t bring her a strategy” when he “messes up.” What kind of “messing up” does he typically perpetrate? Has he been missing for the past few months because of how badly he “messed up”? Not to engage in ugly stereotyping, but isn’t most likely that Mr. Gallagher is drunk in a gutter right now, “messing” himself “up”, with no “strategy” to get back home? Those aren’t footsteps you want to follow in, kid!