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The Better Half, 12/16/12

Say, let’s check in with our favorite not-Lockhorns one-panel comics couple, Harriet and Stanley! Today’s panels are each amusing in and of themselves, but taken together they form a richer narrative of economic desperation in an age of austerity. Our adorable Parkers start off cracking wise about the yawning financial hole that awaits them when they stop working — ha, ha, let’s steal some sugar packets to save money! ha ha, when I retire I’ll just sit here on the couch until I die of a heart attack, which won’t take long! — but soon come to the grim realization that they’ll be working until the day they drop dead at their hated jobs.

Shoe, 12/16/12

Meanwhile, this foreign bird seems to think that he can just come over here and steal our American Dream. Too bad we took all his money! Yeah, that’s right, you dumb foreign bird! Why don’t you go back to … rooster … land?

Panel from Mary Worth, 12/16/12

Meanwhile, Dawn and Jim are enjoying their friendship! This is the only thing happening. This is the only thing that’s ever happened. This is the only thing that will ever happen, forever.