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Hey everybody! Social networks: They exist! Many find them annoying. Many others find them a good way to keep up with info about people they’re interested in. Some people fall into both camps! If you’ve ever said to yourself, “I wish Josh Fruhlinger, the Comics Curmudgeon, were followable on the social network of my choice,” then I have good news for you: he is! Assuming the social network of your choice is one of the following:

I post more or less the same things to all of these, which is to say: links to things I’ve written (including a link to the Comics Curmudgeon when it’s updated), announcements when I am appearing live at events (did you know that I am doing stand-up intermittently now? well, I am!), links to things I find funny/interesting, and random jokes and observations, somewhere between zero and several times a day. There’s no need to follow all of them, just whichever network you like best (though I do post the random jokes and observations somewhat more often on Twitter). There’s no need to follow any of them, obviously, but some people like doing so, so here’s the info if you didn’t know it.

Most of you are probably aware of all these, as I have links at the top of this page and also used to announce them like this once a month, but then I got lazy about it, so I thought I’d let the newbies know. Also: everyone should be made aware that I will be doing a live comedy thing at Baltimore’s famous 14Karat Cabaret, in a couple of weeks! Here is the Facebook event for that if you like keeping track of your schedule with Facebook events.