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Mary Worth, 4/21/13

Oh, look, Tom, who met Beth once at a group dinner and hasn’t been able to talk to her since, is already planning on making her his partner in his “life’s journey”! No, that’s not creepy at all, and the “journey” in question certainly isn’t to the beautiful flying saucer where his real people live, and the “journey” certainly isn’t initiated by drinking the Mystical Journey Juice (one part vodka, four parts Drano, dash of bitters). This shopping trip will be fine, just fine! Oh, also Tom, you’re a divorcé, not a “bachelor,” FYI.

Funky Winkerbean, 4/21/13

“All right, Les, you’re writing a made-for-cable movie here, so you need overwrought, emotionally manipulative dialogue that no human would actually say … come on, you can do it … YES! NAILED IT!”