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Are you emotionally prepared for your comment of the week?

“I see Quill and Luann as the Romeo and Juliet for the 2010s, in that I hope they’re each dead by their own hand through a pointless series of miscues abetted by the adults they trusted most.” –Ed Dravecky

And for your hilarious runners up>

“Daredevil lives a great bachelor life here in San Fran. But I’ve got MJ waiting for meat home — the house made out of premium cuts of beef I promised her! I’d better start building it before the meats spoil.” –CleverNameIsaac

JP: “I can’t wait for the inevitable cruise ship mechanical failure. Wait until Judge Pissyface has to poop in a bag!” — Ned Ryerson

“No half hearted pun. No tired half-smirk. Pam is just powering through this interaction, dead eyes focused on the middle distance. Best Crankshaft ever!” –Bunivasal

“We warned you. We warned you that if you let women into the military, the male soldiers would start dating combat drones. It’s your own damn fault.” –Voshkod

“The creepiest thing about Spider-Man today is that his mask is staring at his ass in panel two. His sweet, sweet spider-ass.” –Pozzo

‘Wifely prayers.’ Or as some people refer to them, divorce papers.” –WeatherServo9

Throws it away, or delivers a crushing KNEE to the FACE of the opposing team?! Happy Hunger Games, Milford.” –Science Giant

“The first rule of the Shoe universe is that no one must ever acknowledge that everyone is a bird. Frito has spoken the Terrible Truth! Heretic! Heretic! As a journalist, Shoe knows all too well the grisly fate that the Thought Police shall inflict upon poor Frito.” –Guts Dozier

“‘Jose! How goes the revolution?’ ‘Oh, it’s going great. The streets of the capital are running red with the blood of the oppressors. I think we’ll be in power by late July, August, somewhere in there.'” –Dono

“Sarah is just mesmerized by Business McBusinessman’s combover. Children should not be exposed to such things.” –Lawyerbob

“I guarantee you this is by a wide margin the most emotional anyone has ever gotten about Book Day.” –Doctor Handsome

“I suppose you would like to get paid for your book? Well, sorry, we don’t do that. But our publishing your book will help you build your brand! Are you active on social media?” –cheech wizard

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