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Funky Winkerbean and Crankshaft, 6/7/13

So we’ve been wandering down Funkyverse memory lane this week, encountering of revelations about Lisa and Darrin and Frankie. This had been sort of already described by Funky scribe/puppetmaster Tom Batuik in an interview a few months ago, but: while in previous iterations of the Darrin origin narrative the story was that his conception was consensual if regrettable, we are now getting dark hints that this was not so much the case. This isn’t particularly unrealistic, honestly — as in, lots of people who are victims of acquaintance rape minimize it or don’t tell anyone due to shame or a feeling that other people won’t believe them — though it does also dovetail nicely with the strip’s overall plunge to the bottom of the deep pit of existential despair over the decades. I am a little bit unsettled by the smiles all around in the third panel. “Ha, so our downstairs neighbors stumbled upon your future biological parents right after your bio-dad raped your birth mother! What a kooky coincidence! So now he’s making a reality TV show, you say? How interesting.”

This all raises once again the somewhat awkward question of Funky Winkerbean and Crankshaft’s relative chronology, i.e., Funky time-jumped and Crankshaft didn’t, so this incident took place around 30 years ago in Funky, but only around 20 years ago in Crankshaft, but the cultural references in both strips place them in the present, so if the Faircloths seek out Pam and Jeff will they be 10 years older than they are in Crankshaft or what, etc. Crankshaft could have tried to complement the Funky flashbackery, somehow, or it could have just ignored it, but instead it decided to go the most confusing route possible: launching its own flashback story to some indeterminate earlier period when Pam and Jeff had an entirely different downstairs neighbor lady who almost blew up the house.

Mary Worth, 6/7/13

Meanwhile, Mary Worth is about to launch into a much more fun and exciting scenario: a biddy on biddy battle. Mary’s overwhelming desire to see everyone in the world (except for her, natch) paired up in heteronormative couples is almost overwhelming. Do you think she’ll let anyone stand in the way of that? Even the mother of one half of the couple in question? You need to get one thing straight, Elinor: Mary will show no mercy.