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Spider-Man, 7/24/13

Good news, Spider-Man! These cheery American tourists have decided that they’re going to protect you from the heavily armed soldiers of some thuggish Latin American dictatorship! This act of solidarity should last right up until the guys with guns actually board the plane, at which point everyone will sit silently and/or pee themselves in terror. The only sound will come from this kid, who will narc out Spidey immediately, and will presumably be awarded the Order of the Eternal Costa Verdan Revolution by the country’s Supreme Generalissimo for his trouble in a ceremony attended by thousands of bussed in spectators.

Mark Trail, 7/24/13

Oh man, I am super looking forward to the explanation of why Mark wandered into this fake hunting camp’s free-standing meat cooler. “Oh, hello, fellows! I was just spending some quality time here in the meat cooler! The only thing I enjoy more than meat is meat that’s been properly cooled!”