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Hi and Lois, 10/11/13

This is the first Hi and Lois I can remember laughing at unironically in months. Maybe ever? What really does it for me is the look of complete horror on Dot and Ditto’s faces in the final panel. Sure, they might squabble over the best way to make chocolate milk, but their methods are still tethered to reality. They aren’t insane. Their expressions are those of two people really looking the full depths of madness in the face for the first time in their young lives.

Funky Winkerbean, 10/11/13

A character develops symptoms of a potentially fatal illness while participating in a memorial walk for another character who succumbed to a different illness after a long fight, while a third character makes a dumb bit of wordplay? This is almost the perfect Funky Winkerbean strip. If only someone had been smirking!

Family Circus, 10/11/13

“Just so you know, if your words are going to be written out and printed in the newspaper for people to read, you’d better hope that whoever does the writing knows the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’, because otherwise you’re going to look pretty dumb.”