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Mark Trail, 12/17/13

Holy crap, things are getting dark for our hero, who thought he was slickly and silently sneaking up on not-Jared Jeff to take his gun, only to get a roundhouse kick right to the face. It occurs to me: we all know that Mark is the implacable enemy of all forms of nonstandard facial and head-hair; but is it possible that, in facing a nemesis like not-Jared Jeff, who has no hair to speak of, he is powerless? Lost Forest’s criminal element has finally discovered that ultimate power was only a quick shave away all along!

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 12/17/13

Meanwhile, over in Hootin’ Holler, the Smith family is starving to death, what with the lack of economic opportunity in the region and Snuffy’s refusal to do any kind of paying work, forcing Loweezy to go door to door begging for sustenance from her almost as impoverished neighbors. This … this is not the hilarious hillbilly laughfest I ordered, guys :(