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Mary Worth, 1/29/14

Whoa, Mary is wasting no time after her return from her New York idyl and is determined to prove to Santa Royale that, despite her period of absence, she is still its undisputed meddle-empress. Having only returned moments ago from her latest sex cruise with Dr. Jeff, Mary hasn’t even finished eating dinner before settling on the next victims of her unrelentingly sensible advice: this lady and her daughter, who are about to have their lives destroyed by the horrors of divorce. Did you know that sometimes married people realize that they no longer love each other, or perhaps even actively dislike each other, and decided to stop being married, thus undermining the social order? Well, not with Mary on the case they won’t! “You there, young woman, cease with this divorce talk! Your feelings are ruining everything! Push those tears back into your eyes with your hands! Yes, that’s the spirit!”

Mark Trail, 1/29/14

I really do wonder about the editorial direction of Woods and Wildlife Magazine, based on some of the (presumably paid?) assignments Mark’s gotten from them. Do they have any kind of social media strategy at all? I could see a slideshow of an attractive young woman nursing pelicans back to health generating some pageviews, but I have to question Mark’s belief that Jessica’s boyfriend “sounds interesting,” considering that all we know about him is that he’s a taxidermist. I pity the editor who has to write the headline that jazzes that one up. “People Keep Bringing This Man Dead Fish. What He Does To Them Will Shock You — And Delight You.”

Crankshaft, 1/29/14

Crankshaft’s co-worker Rocky is heavily invested in using performance-enhancing drugs, is what I’m getting out of this.