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Hey there everyone! Your comment of the week shortly, but first a quick note that if you are in Baltimore or are Baltimore-adjacent tomorrow, why not come see me perform in Everybody All The Time, a delightful variety show at the Windup Space in Station North where I will be performing. I am authorized to tell you that I will be unveiling my new character there, Gary the Emotionally Fragile Substitute Yoga Instructor. If that doesn’t put butts in seats, what will?

You can stay in your current seat and still enjoy the comment of the week, of course:

“Ugh, you take us from Tommy straight to Tommie? What a cruel, disappointing arc.” –John Small Berries

And the runners up! Very funny!

“You’d think Plato would be a bit more optimistic, since today was the day when Sarge finally inspired him to mop the sky.” –Tophat

Rex Morgan, M.D.: “The very future of the museum is riding on the assumption that a five year old is going to produce, in four weeks, a book of drawings that is going to generate the necessary revenue, and/or that watching said five year old produce said book will produce additional revenue via increased attendance. If Sarah is actually able to pull this off, her arrogance will grow from merely grotesque to super-human proportions. She will be unstoppable!” –Gladly, the cross-eyed bear

“They were giving things away. I normally don’t get flu shots, but they were free, so I got twelve!” –Pozzo

“Still I admire Reeky’s spirit. He could have claimed to have just got out of jail, something that Slylock might have at least had to check. But our Reeky keeps it classy. ‘Call Queen Elizabeth. She’ll vouch for me. Here, let me give you her cell number.'” –Aviatrix

“If there was ever an underwhelmed reaction to a sudden bear attack, it’s that man reading the paper. ‘Oh man, a bear? Given the statistics, I always figured it would be car crash or a cardiac episode. Well, let’s get this over with…'” –pugfuggly

As Mother Earth’s creation, I must touch her. I just hope She can feel me through this two-foot thick slab of concrete and all the plumbing and infrastructure that must lie beneath it. Like the Princess and the Pea, y’know? Feel that, Mother Earth? THEM’S MAH FEET!” –DownInTheValley

“Is this finally it? Are we finally at the story where Walt Wallet dies? Because I can definitely forgive the strip for the annoying New Years death fakeout if Walt is violently torn apart by a mob consisting of the types of people who still read newspapers.” –Roto13

Apartment 3-G: “You girls are going to love Jim! He’s such a dear! Wait … dear … dear … deer! OH MY GOD THE DEER I COMPLETELY FORGOT TO FEED IT FOR THE PAST WEEK THAT MUST BE SOURCE OF THE HORRIBLE STENCH IN MY CLOSET!!!” –Perky Bird

“That’s right, Snuffy, lie to yourself. It’s scary to admit your best friend was an inbred old baby man.” –Inkwell

“I love the way Gina’s mom, like all the other adults in this strip, stands in the background with a look that can mean nothing but that she’s thinking of what an asshole Dennis is.” –Dr. Mabuse

“Joey’s fear is misdirected. The noodles are his friends. That brown glop in the drinking glasses — the stuff that’s slowly eating away at the plastic straws? — that’s the Foreign Menace on this happy little table.” –jvwalt

‘Wilbur will be there’ is Charterstone code for ‘Yes, I’m serving mayonnaise.'” –Dood

“You know, every time you think Funky Winkerbean is as depressing as it gets, it tosses out a little daily like this to remind you: all these people had the happiest days of their life in high school. And it was Westview High School.” –Chip Whittle

Luann: “Admittedly, it’s been a while since I was in high school, but isn’t prom typically at the end of the school year? We’re not going to be talking about prom all the way until May, are we? DEAR GOD, THE DITHERING.” –The Rt. Venerable Pasdordan

“I prefer to think that Crankshaft’s Elderly Neighbor (Rose? Who cares, right?) is recoiling not from the sight of Crankshaft’s shriveled, naked penis, but the hail of gunfire that obviously follows.” –bunivasal

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