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Mary Worth, 5/1/14

“But … but, Wilbur … I’m not sure I’m comfortable taking on a ex-con drug addict with no restaurant experience!”

“Look, Jerry, maybe we never spoke about it aloud, but you and I both know that the ‘Best Eats’ column in the Santa Royale Courier-Intelligencer is prime real estate — prime real estate — and that there’s an admission fee to get in, one that you would have to pay eventually. Do we understand each other? Now, you pick up that phone and tell your accountant that you’ve found a better man for the job. Or your sommelier. Either one, it doesn’t matter to me, but it has to happen by the end of the day. Got it?”

Rex Morgan, M.D. 5/1/14

Anyway, long story short, this is how Sarah ended up in a specially constructed all-plastic prison cell guarded by a platoon of soldiers who don’t speak English.