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GUYS! I am back from my post-anniversary sabbatical and ready to entertain you. Thanks for being nice to the fabulous Uncle Lumpy while I was gone! Also, thanks to Uncle Lumpy for being fabulous! He has hand selected some comments of the week(s) from when I was gone, and I have hand-selected my favorite:

Why did you overturn my limousine? Who are you? You’re right, the next question I was going to ask was ‘why do they call you that?’ Then it would be ‘Do you live around here?’, ‘What do you think of Lebron going back to Cleveland?’ and ‘Hot enough for ya?'” –hogenmogen

But these other ones: these are solid comments as well, y’all.

“‘I shouldn’t be running away from a giraffe,’ thinks the Lion. ‘I have my pride.'” –Peanut Gallery

Rosa’s hair makes me nervous. I keep thinking it’s going to reproduce on its own.” –Poteet

“‘What’s the color of the sky in your world?’ ‘Gray. We’re dogs, idiot.'” –seismic-2

Archie: “Maybe Archie could become Thor. ‘Halt, evildoer, lest I book dates with thee and thy best friend on the same eve!'” –Malice Acher

“Luke, I am your father, John Darling.” –Red Greenback

“Gil has personally won pity trophies for ‘Congeniality’ and ‘Swimsuit Competition.’ He also had one for ‘World’s Greatest Dad,’ but his kids insisted on a paternity test, and since he failed he had to give it back.” –Shrug

Judge Parker: “The Driver-Spencers don’t get bored; they have people to do that for them.” –Horace Broon

“‘Holy crapping pancakes, it’s an enraged buffalo! Lori’snotreallyintoyouIthinkyouneedtobroadenyourhorizonsthereareplentyofotherfishintheseaRUN!!‘” –[Old Man] Muffaroo

“Mark: ‘Run! It’s a Cape Buffalo stampede!’
Dirty: ‘Of course it’s a Cape Buffalo stampede! What other kind of buffalo are there in Africa?!’
Mark: ‘I was just trying to be specific!’
Dirty: ‘If you wanted to be specific you could have said “Run! its a stampede of syncerus caffer!“‘
Mark: ‘I was going to but I wasn’t sure you knew Latin!’
Dirty: ‘Look, my point is that you could have yelled “Run! Buffalo Stampede!” or just “Stampede!” The “Run!” part is implied during a bloody stampede! Brevity is the important part when warning somebody about a stampede, not what genus is stampeding! That’s my point.’
Mark: ‘Fine. Run! Stampede! Happy now?!’
Dirty: ‘Yes! Thank you!'” –Mikey

Team Tracy is ignoring the real dangers of time-travel stories: the grandfather paradox. Time-loops. Violation of conservation laws. Worst of all, the dire, horrid threat of creating a Time Maid. Kill them both, Sam!” –Droopy Says

“That fucking Daddy Warbucks — first conflict profiteering and now, HE WANTS ME LUCKY CHARMS.” –Dennis Jimenez

Luann: “‘You have an assistant? Interesting. As your boss, I would expect that you would ask me first before hiring anyone. Especially with the Feds cracking down on unpaid internships.’
‘That’s OK, she is being paid in-kind with Vegamite sandwiches and false promises of physical intimacy.’
‘Great. That will make the FICA calculations even more interesting. What is 6.25% of a false promise of physical intimacy?’
‘One panel out of a week’s worth of Brad and Toni strips?'” –Calvin’s Cardboard Box

“Any bets on what his bumper sticker says?” –tallyHO

“Don’t Blame Me, I Voted for Batman.”
“My Other Car is a Shitbox too.”
“The Original 40-year-old Virgin.”
“If You See My Wife, Give Her a Hand.” –Rusty

“If this car’s a-rockin’… Just kidding, this car is never rockin.” –revenge4aldo

“Quick! Let’s hide beneath the tallest tree we can find! That large piece of sheet metal I dragged along will protect us!” –rbmalpha

“Here’s a pitch, TV execs. Crank as Matlock in a gritty reboot. Not a lovable smart guy who defends the innocent, but someone who actually commits crimes. Would also work for Murder, He Wrote.” –WeatherServo9

Apartment 3-G: “Watching Ellen slip away was hard for me. That’s why I have the face of an eighty-year-old crack whore.” –TheDiva

“I don’t know how they can do it, Mr. Fruhlinger, but the Department of Homeland Security said you can only release The Enthusiast in this government-approved version. Oh, and someone from the Department named Donna A. Lewis wanted me to ask you, ‘how does it feel, be-yotch?.'” –gelded wildebeeste

“Unable to live in a world without Olive, Mary dives into the pool hoping to kill herself.” –Liam

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