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Hi there! Just a few updates and reminders as we in the U.S. head into our Labor Day weekend:

  1. Josh is relocating from Baltimore to L.A. to pursue a career in standup, comedy writing, and other entertaining things.
  2. He has taken a blood oath to “… continue to make jokes about Mary Worth until the sun expands into a red giant …”, by which time Apartment 3-G’s Tommie should be about ready to wrap things up with Carol. A blood oath.
  3. I’m running a fundraiser to say thanks, help with moving expenses, encourage Josh to make good on his blood oath, and so on. Fundraisers usually wrap up around this time of the week, but I’m extending this one to coincide with the remainder of the trip.
  4. If you enjoy the Comics Curmudgeon but haven’t contributed before, consider it just this once. The ten-year anniversary and the Big Move are major events, and we’ve made it as easy as possible to contribute – just click the banner or the link up there. All contribution details are kept in complete confidence, and nobody will bother or email you except once to say thanks.
  5. Josh and his wife cross into Texas today, gunning for Austin by late afternoon. It’s going to be hot there – why not buy ’em a round of ice-cold Lone Stars to go with some of that great barbecue?
  6. No Comments of the Week on my watch, but I have a big bag of hilarious comments for Josh to sift through when he stops his ramblin’. As I will now stop mine.

Mmm, barbecue.

— Uncle Lumpy

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