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Gil Thorp, 12/23/14

Huh, so … Gil and Kaz really have been slacking in the basketball coaching department, huh? I suppose it’s because the football team’s championship season was occupying their energy as basketball ramped up, but my secret hope is that they’re just going to finally start admitting to each other that they try to do as little work as possible. “I mean, we could’ve gone to more practices, I guess, but then again isn’t it more fun to just hang out in the office and playfully tickle our football championship trophy?”

Herb and Jamaal, 12/23/14

I dunno, Jamaal, maybe because a legal prohibition on certain speech acts is different from social blowback and awkwardness arising from discussions on topics that people have strong opinions about? I mean, you seem to grasp it on the intuitive level, since you have the right to subject anyone within hearing distance to your inane musings but instead are playing it safe and just keeping them in thought-balloon form.