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Six Chix, 1/30/15

Oh, man, kids today, am I right? Always conceptualizing the food they eat as aesthetic experiences worthy of being shared with others, am I right? In my day, we saw food for what it was: a disgusting mass of organic matter that, if you were lucky, had been pumped full of preservatives to slow down its rot. This’ll show those punks who get so excited about putting pictures of their brunch on the MySpace or whatever. Hey young people: those Eggs Benedict are basically a festering corpse, when you think about it!

Hi and Lois, 1/30/15

But … but …

there are only five ex-Soviet Central Asian countries

you are being screwed here, Chip

Azerbaijan does not count

it is clearly part of the Caucausus, not Central Asia

no wonder these kids are doing so badly on their standardized tests