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Sometimes readers send me things in the mail! These things are always AMAZING, but often impractical. But! Last week I got what was definitely the most practical and still amazing thing from a reader yet! The crazed Gil Thorp obsessives over at the This Week In Milford blog made a t-shirt commemorating the Mudlark championship season, and one arrived in my mailbox without a note of any kind!

On the back they even have scores for all the games we saw this season. It’s quite impressive, and it arrived to me in the form of a workout shirt, and I literally need more workout shirts, and while my brain never formulated the exact sentence “I wish someone would send me a workout shirt in the mail without me paying for it or even asking for it and also it should have a funny Gil Thorp in-joke,” but this was exactly what I wanted! It’s not clear to me if you can still buy these shirts, but if so, you should buy one! And thank you, mysterious stranger who sent one to me!