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Mary Worth, 5/16/15

After a vigorous afternoon of hot air ballooning and ex-girlfriend-wooing, nothing chases the hunger away like a Smucker’s Uncrustables® Sandwich! Sadly, the questions in the Uncrustables® FAQ are mostly about how many hours after thawing that it’s still safe to eat these miracle sandwich-style food pods; there’s no guidance on just how strong you should be coming onto your ex when she tells you she wants to go slow. For instance, should you refer to her as your “future wife” to her face, or only to mutual acquaintances who you’re sure will tell her about it?

Dennis the Menace, 5/16/15

“Hmm, the art museum? Classy! I should put on a suit jacket before I go down there to talk shit about the paintings.” –a boy who just had his least menacing idea in months