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Judge Parker, 11/6/15

Good news, Neddy! Remember that beauty queen Hank was dating, an arbitrarily established narrative roadblock for you having your way with him? We’ll, she’s gone now, without any of us ever having seen her, through some backstory we haven’t discussed, because why bother? There’s nothing to come between you and his hard-hatted, mulletted charms anymore! All the Spencer girls will be getting everything they want, in the sex department, along with all other departments!

B.C., 11/6/15

Wow, look at Curls’s facial expression in panel two. That’s not the face of a man engaging in a long-running, well-established B.C. gag where Clumsy sticks his head in the water to watch fish swim by. That’s the face of man who’s found his dead friend face down in a frozen river. It’s not like the water flash-froze, either; he drowned long before that.