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Rex Morgan, M.D., 3/5/16

The “uh” in Rex’s word balloon in panel two is an exquisitely placed detail. It’s the moment Rex acknowledges that he’s losing control of this conversation. He’s ostensibly interested in buying this lady’s possible deathtrap of a house, so it makes a certain sense that she’d try to figure out his finances. Asking about his kids, though? This is a personal conversation now, and Rex barely wants to have personal conversations with his wife. “Can I just drop this plate and run?” he thinks. “Just head straight out the door, leaving shattered china and lemon cake strewn everywhere behind me, and never look back?”

Family Circus, 3/5/16

I absolutely love Jeffy’s look of heavy-lidded contempt here. “Girl,” he’s thinking, “you and I both know these are mashed potatoes. Don’t get all up in my face just because I had the idea to malaprop over dinner tonight before you did. I’m the one grandmas across America are going to be hanging on their refrigerators this week, OK? Me.