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This week’s funniest comment? This week’s funniest comment!

“Mary, I haven’t shaved my chest hair since you left. Now it’s like a forest down there. Just an FYI.” –Hogenmogen

The hilarious runners up? The hilarious runners up!

“Am I gonna f*ck this fish? You betcha. Are we gonna eat it after? You betcha. We’re Vikings. We’re gross.” –Tigernan Douglas Quinn, on Facebook

“Now here’s a manager who’s truly lost all control of his staff. ‘Don’t show up. Sleep until noon. Steal. That’s right, ignore me and start fucking each other. Have a big gross worm orgy right here in the conference room. It’s because I said it’s OK. I’m the cool boss.'” –Doctor Handsome

“You ever get the feeling Slylock keeps Max around just so he has someone to foxsplain these logic puzzles to?” –TheDiva

“In the world of Slylock Fox, fish are fully-sentient citizens. Yet, the detectives are carrying a fishing rod. They’re going to a ‘lakeside crime case,’ alright. But not to solve it. They’re planning on committing delicious, delicious murder. And on playing the ukelele, apparently.” –G. L. Dearman

“Ah, the Sunday comic. In comparison to the weekday strips, a seemingly infinite amount of space. I could fill it with witty banter, nuanced character development, pile up the gags, or even go full Watterson and use the space to create genuine art. [draws three panels of Francis sitting in a ski lift] Nailed it!” –Alan

“Can someone explain to me how birds who live in a tree are driving at all? What are they driving? Where are they driving? How are they driving? Oh, I get it, they’re driving us — driving us mad, that is, trying to work out how their world works. More than reckless, Your Honour, it’s downright homicidal.” –G’Quan

“I wanted to be an astronaut, but I touched down at Foofram & Co. No? Let me try again. I wanted to be an astronaut, but my career launched me to Foofram. Still no? Never mind; if you need me I’ll be in the garage with the car engine running.” –Nekrotzar

“As Gil and Mimi begin to get intimate, he whispers sweet nothings about Wake Forest University. At some point tonight they’ll simultaneously cry out ‘Muggsy Bogues, class of ’87!'” –Artist formerly known as Ben

“Help me, Coach Kaz. I need to buy a house in 1978!” –Lorne

“For all the years living the ‘human’ lifestyle, sometimes pluggers just can’t help getting in touch with their roots sometimes. Unlike his ancestors, however, Mr Bear will be administering his own tranquilizer after he’s done with that trash.” –pugfuggly

Arms crossed with dour expression. You’d think Jeffy of all people would recognize the warning signs of an impending temper tantrum.” –Kevin On Earth

“You’re a plugger if you use awkward grammar, apparently. ‘Hey honey, I found in the neighbors’ trash you are throwing away my shoes of tennis. Explain me this?'” –made of wince

“Solid or liquid assets? (Dear God, I’m so sorry.)” –Proteus454

“Good morning, everybody! Please take a moment to think about Sarge’s ass. Now, let’s all go out and have a stupendous day!” –handsome Harry Backstayge, idol of a million other women

“It’s almost tragic to see that Sarge allows himself the slightest of smiles in panel one, as if to say, ‘This is nice. Just me and the guys, hanging out, enjoying each other’s company, the politics of the workplace temporarily set aside. Maybe this is the night my life turns a corner and I’m finally able to start forging meaningful friendships as an adult.’ Beetle ruins it all, of course, and for what? His joke elicits an angry scowl from Sarge and no reaction at all from Killer. Was it worth it, Private Bailey?” –Joe Blevins

“The dynamic in Mary’s and Dr. Jeff’s relationship is easily the single most real thing in the entire strip. She takes off for New York to be with friends she rarely sees and passively ignores him. Meanwhile, given his freedom to cat around Santa Royale, Dr. Jeff quickly and adroitly turns the narrative outward with an aggressive inquisition that puts Mary on the immediate defensive by essentially questioning her fidelity while keeping her from asking about his exploits. This is literally the subtext of every divorce that’s ever happened.” –GDBenz

“Does Tom Brokaw still know how to talk? I need a recording of him reading Mark’s panel one dialogue.” –Irrischano

“Mark works on the escape plan, while Gabe takes over the Having Facial Expressions Department. Guess which fella is working harder?” –made of wince

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