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Family Circus, 7/18/16

Longtime readers know that the Family Circuses I like best are the ones where Billy is just an unapologetic little turd, so I particularly appreciate today’s panel, which features our boy leaning ecstatically out of the bus as he uses the brief moment of authority he’s been afforded to decide who gets to have fun and who doesn’t. Mommy and Daddy just look numb, probably because they know they’re going to have to deal with the squabbling that will break out in the wake of Billy’s last-minute diktats. The whole point of shipping him off to military school for the year was to avoid this kind of thing!

Six Chix, 7/18/16

Good lord, you cruel monster, that chicken isn’t wearing any shoes! How’s it supposed to click its heels together and apparate to the land where chickens are truly free, not just free to wander around a little yard? Is this something you do for fun, put on a pink dress and a tiara and taunt farm animals with the prospects of freedom?