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Spider-Man, 8/4/16

Ah, yes, the A+ way to convey through dialogue that a newly introduced character is a huge nerdlinger: hilariously stilted phrases like “I’m cognizant,” “I require an equivalent quantity,” etc.! It’s also always fun to be reminded that while Peter whines endlessly about his mistreatment at the hands of J. Jonah Jameson, he is in fact a not particularly good photographer and his only value is his ability to deliver photos of himself. I’m assuming that Ant-Man, like all other superheroes, holds Spider-Man in the appropriate level of disdain, and so Peter’s job just got a lot harder.

Mark Trail, 8/4/16

Hey, remember the last Mark Trail storyline, where Mark spent roughly 17 weeks stuck inside a cave? Well, brace yourself, because he’s about to spend the next who knows how many months stuck inside a whale.