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Hey guys! A while back I threatened to use the COTW metapost to also plug my own writing, and I had not one but three pieces published this week!

  • Mr. Toretto’s Neighborhood,” at MEL Magazine, is one of my favorite things I’ve written in a while! It’s about how I moved into a new part of town and discovered that I was at ground zero for Fast and Furious fandom. You know I love specialized enthusiast communities, so this is right up my alley! And also right up the street from me.
  • I also wrote a couple slideshows for CSO Online:Security is no fiction,” about tech security as portrayed (mostly poorly) in sci-fi films and movies, and “How to keep IT security at the forefront during a merger,” about what happens when a company and another company love each other very much (they merge, and then their security all goes to hell).

Also, a reminder: I’m cooking up a redesign of the site, to be unveiled at the start of 2017! If you haven’t already done so, please take this survey to help guide our decision-making process, won’t you?

And now, at long last, your comment of the week!

‘VAMPIRE CAR DESTROYED’. Subtitle: ‘Headline Raises More Questions Than It Answers.’” –Dan

And your runners up! Very funny!

Cleveland State will be sanctioned by the NCAA (National Collegiate Artists Association) for violating strict rules of amateurism.” –Philip Moon, on Twitter

“If only this story would end with Tommy on top of a Vicodin factory in a shoot out with the DEA yelling ‘I’ll do my best, Ma!’” –Zeroworld

“And all this because Tommy tried to lift a single, modest-sized cardboard box for his mother. This whole story has been a cautionary tale about the dangers of moving, even from one apartment to another. The status quo: Embrace it or else.” –Joe Blevis

“‘I worry that someday I may lose my moral compass,’ says the baby left unattended in a park.” –Chareth Cutestory

“I didn’t have a beard back then and you’ve grown three feet! Whoa, havin’ an acid flashback here. Keep on truckin’!” –Spunky The Wonder Squid

Unfortunately, there is no ‘coffee.’ Someday, far in the future, we may find some magic herb that will grant us the ability to stay up late into the night without being tired. But who knows what kind of unintended consequences that will bring to our simple society?! Will the demons of our dreams find a way to escape from our heads if we stay up too late? Will we yawn so wide that we will swallow the seas? Maybe ‘coffee’ will be the end of the earth as we know it… Anyhow, here’s a dagger: stab yourself in the leg if you get too tired.” –pugfuggly

“Hey, Slylock. You want a mystery to solve? Why don’t you explain to us how Harry Ape got out of the car without room to open any of the doors.” –handsome Harry Backstayge, idol of a million other women

“The bonfire wasn’t cancelled. They’ve chopped down all the trees within a hundred miles of Milford and moved on to more creative fuel sources. Just look at all those bodies piled up and ready to ignite.” –Steve S

“A typical family night at the Keane Kompund: PJ is pretending his family is driving over a cliff, Dolly is looking in a catalog for a new Mommy, Jeffy is practicing for his future career as a 3-card monte hustler, and Billy is wiping his ass on the couch.” –seismic-2

“Not only is Billy wearing his shoes while he’s standing on the couch, those shoes are untied. I am going to assume he went for the trifecta and also has them on the wrong feet.” –Francis

“Was there any flatulence, Tommy? Go on. You can tell me – I’m a doctor. Describe it in detail. ‘De tail,’ heh heh. Get it? Doctor humor. Anyway, go on” –Christine Lehman, on Facebook

“Alternate caption rejected by the syndicate: To senior pluggers, intimate relations consist of a good back rub and a kiss on the cheek, because they understand that dogs and chickens are not really meant to have sexual intercourse with each other.” –Joshua K.

“The Plugger Community Playhouse’s take on Dracula leaves much to be desired. While we must acknowledge the daring choice of reversing the traditional genders of the titular vampire and his victim, now styled as Mister Dino Harker, the play was generally as flaccid as the lead actor. Also – and we cannot be the first to note this – casting a chicken as Bram Stoker’s horrific Count Dracula strains credulity, as it must be noted that chicken, and birds in general, do not have teeth, and thus cannot drain the life-blood from their victims. Thus, while the lead actress attempted to appear menacing with a forceful pecking, the audience was left, not with terror, but with the impression of witnessing a barnyard scuffle for grain. 1 and 1/2 stars.” –Voshkod

“It’s a good thing they spent the time and trouble to take on the additional weight (and therefore fuel costs) on their yacht to make sure they had firewood they couldn’t use until the end of a several-thousand-mile journey from New Zealand to Hawaii. Wood doesn’t grow on trees, you know.” –Dutch Dollar

“It’s possible Leroy is a demon. Some sort of foul, immortal hellspawn in a hastily thrown-together human suit. It would explain a lot.” –The Mighty Untrained FOOZLE

‘His Arch-nemesis, Junior.’ For those that thought ‘The Riddler’ was too unnerving.” –Pozzo

That headline could just as easily been: ‘Police Chief Holds Newspaper.’” –Kevin on Earth

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