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Dick Tracy, 9/23/16

Here’s what a capricious jerk I am: I denied you a juicy Dick Tracy subplot this week, in which Chief Patton was manipulated by his ne’er-do-well nephew in prison, and also refused to share a fantastic panel yesterday in which the vampire car exploded. But I sure as heck am going to share today’s strip with you, because I find it hilarious. Specifically, I love the fact that everyone’s toasting the Chief with cans of clearly labelled soda, lest we even for a single moment think that our straight-arrow law enforcement officers might wrap up their day and celebrate a victory over cartoonish crime with the demon alcohol. I also find it hilarious that it’s generic soda from a vending machine with a huge “SODA” sign, as if this strip was intended to attract product placement money that never materialized.

Marvin, 9/23/16

Shoutout to today’s Marvin for not having a punchline or payoff of any sort! Maybe the strip has been forbidden from doing poop jokes and in reaction has gone on strike from doing any sort of jokes at all.