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As usual on my watch, there’s no COTW this week — Schroduck gets another week up there. But I want to make sure to thank our fine Comics Curmudgeon advertisers:

  • Two Party Opera: A daily comic that features the Presidents of the United States as they live on the stage of history with the day-to-day news of political mudslinging.
  • Bluebeards Original is proud to join The Comics Curmudgeon as an advertiser! Company owner Paul Kaniewski is a longtime follower of this site, to the point that it inspired him to created the famed Aldo Kelrast MySpace profile. Bluebeards has been making top-rated beard care products for ten years now, so any bearded folks or those that love them, please check out the site and try their stuff.
  • And if you haven’t bought Josh’s novel yet, you should! You can get it in hardback, paperback, or ebook forms … it’s called The Enthusiast, it’s about trains, comics, stealth marketing, capitalism, and joy — and it’s excellent!

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–Uncle Lumpy