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So ends the Fall 2016 Fundraiser. Sincere thanks, generous readers!

Curtis, 10/22/16

Sadly, I’m sure it will work pretty much exactly like this. Curtis will get just big enough to beat up Derrick and the Bully Formerly Known as “Onion” to earn his revenge and his very own quotes. In time, “Barry” will follow to knock “Curtis” violently off his new perch.

But watch your back, “Barry” — “Teddy” is damn sick of you dragging him around, and he’s been working out.

Funky Winkerbean, 10/22/16

“While we can?” Bull earned those concussions, lost memories, and rage attacks, Linda — you think you can just ride along? Get your own damn tragedy — this may be Westview, but they can’t all be taken yet.

Family Circus, 10/22/16

Jeffy vows to entertain his celestial companion by exploring new frontiers of sin. Why is the Keane family such a hotbed of heresy and sacrilege?

— Uncle Lumpy