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Shoe, 11/14/16

A fun thing about living in the modern age is that it’s extremely easy to see an odd turn of phrase and find out where it came from. In this case, you can quickly work your way backwards and see the first definition of “farce” that Google gives you:

So, you learn a couple of things here. One, this joke was clearly constructed by the thought process of “Hmm, we need a phrase that means ‘farce’ to go in the first panel to set up the punchline. I guess I’ll just look up the definition!” And two, the writer clearly found the offered definition not quite adequate. “Hmm, buffoonery, horseplay, uh huh, uh huh, that’s all good … wait a minute, what about the puns? It’s not a farce without the puns, by god!”

Dick Tracy, 11/14/16

The late, lamented Congresswoman Bellowthon might’ve thought that her plan to put space aliens in internment camps would be a sure-fire vote-getter among the American people at large. But it’s meeting opposition from a wide variety of people, ranging from authoritarian police officers with Lunarian relatives to weirdly dapper gangsters. It’s the pageant of democracy in action, except for the part where the Congresswoman was murdered!