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Shoe, 4/2/17

Phil Vittles died in the midst of an act of monstrous cannibalism, his love of fine food having twisted in on itself until he lost all sense of ethics and became a creature of pure appetite. Did his victim’s family stumble upon the scene of awful carnage and strike him down in revenge? Did he fall ill because, of course, no health-department-inspected restaurant would serve the criminal meal he craved, and so his nightmare-dish was unsafely prepared? Or did he finally have a moment of moral clarity as to the murderous act he’d committed, and drop dead of shock?

Pluggers, 4/2/17

Pluggers may not spend a lot of time typing on one of those new-fangled computers like one of those hacker fellas, but they’ll tell you one thing they like: watching some god-danged television. You know how many channels they got these days?