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Faithful reader, do you have varied interests? Do you enjoy fun? Well, then set sail aboard the S.S. Comics Curmudgeon for the Spring 2017 Fundraiser — and bon voyage!

Regular readers know that since way back in 2007, I’ve hosted fundraisers once or twice a year to help support this fine site. Financing for online content has changed a lot since then — advertising revenues have fallen dramatically, and aggregators like Google and Facebook have hoovered up a lot of what’s left. Newspapers, magazines, and TV networks are all exploring creative ways to keep producing quality content for their beloved audiences — and so is The Comics Curmudgeon.

Please help out with a generous contribution. If you haven’t contributed before, consider sending an amount proportional to the enjoyment Josh brings you every day — I bet it’s a lot!

Contribute however you like:

  • By credit card or PayPal — Click the banner at the top of the page, then follow the instructions on the secure PayPal site. You don’t need a PayPal account to use this option; just have your card handy.
  • By mail — Email; I’ll reply with an address for your generous check, money order, or in-kind contribution: loose gemstones are always in good taste!
  • Comics Curmudgeon Supporter — Join the elite ranks of Comics Curmudgeon Supporters for just $3 per month, and enjoy an ad-free online and mobile experience, plus an enhanced comment editor. Full details are here.
  • Patreon sponsorship — If you’d prefer to support all of Josh’s artistic/comedic efforts on a recurring basis, visit his Patreon page for complete details of this option.

Full details, terms, and conditions are here.

The banners at the top of the page are selected automatically on a randomized basis. If you’d prefer to browse through a directory instead of wearing out your Refresh finger, you can find one here, along with 500+ banners from past fundraisers.

And thank you, generous readers!

— Uncle Lumpy