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Mary Worth, 6/20/17

Oooh, it’s a tense nighttime confrontation on the cruise deck! I guess since the previous nighttime strip the moon has now set or the giant light on the top of the ship has been turned off or something, resulting in this all-blue scene, which was presumably filmed using day for night techniques. Anyhoo, it’s fun to watch ladies attempt to establish firm relationship boundaries and also displace their feelings about male misconduct onto each other, here in the dark!

Hi and Lois, 6/20/17

Shoutout to Hi and Lois for catching up with the times and allowing its adult characters to acknowledge the existence of emojis! Still, it’s good that it maintains some of the classic comics iconography that we all know and love, like corporate CEOs who preside over the the minutia of their company’s day-to-day business from a monogrammed throne.