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“Can’t wait to try me some o’ that Ghost Hooch! Yee-haw!” –Peanut Gallery

And the extremely funny runners up!

“If everyone in Newspaper Spider-man were as emotionally evolved as Kala, they’d have to start using actual plots.” –katakana haru, on Twitter

“Judging by the glow on their cheeks, it’s a wonderful day to start drinking in the morning.” –Zootyr

“‘Long-haul love‘ is being used in place of ’till death do you part’ because, as Les and BSD Lisa have shown, death is no reason to not be obsessively devoted to your spouse.” –TheDiva

Family Circus made a similar ‘hand-me-ups’ reference just two days ago — but since this is a Pluggers ‘classic,’ it may have originated way in the past. Who stole this joke? Not me!” –BigTed

“This strip devotes the same loving care to depicting muscly calves as Mark Trail devotes to owls and wolves and shit like that.” –Joe Blevins

“Smirks all around! From the hazy, out-of-sync red print to the one psychotically specific detail of the bugs around light fixture to the wrong author name on the cover, this all feels just right.” –handsome Harry Backstayge, idol of a million other women

“Les’ ego is expanding to dangerous proportions. His forehead swells with self-esteem. In a moment, there will be a popping noise. The windows will shatter. Young Darin will be scarred for life by skull shrapnel. And next year, on the same day, they’ll do the Les Moore Memorial Exploding Head Syndrome Fun Run, sponsored by Tylenol and Easy-out Stain Remover.” –Voshkod

‘Heads up, sir!’ were in fact the last words then Corporal Halftrack heard before the rest of his platoon was wiped out by a surprise enemy attack. Ms. Buxley is fully aware of this because, hey, who doesn’t enjoy a good PSTD joke?” –Spunky The Wonder Squid

“I wish Dennis the Menace indulged in multiple panels more often, because to me, it’s pretty clear that young Donald Sutherland is about to lay into this kid.” –Red Delicious

“Dr. Ned may be a medical professional, but he’s not above performing the occasional seance. Still, he seems genuinely surprised that he succeeded in animating Dawn’s corpse.” –Nekrotzar

“The expression on MT’s face in panel 1 is priceless. It’s like this storm has forced him suddenly to discover emotions other than ‘pedantic’ and ‘must punch.’” –Little Blue Bicycle

“I have not been following this strip with any regularity, but I remember a few weeks ago Mark was pummeling Baldy McBalderson with his fists, until the female accomplice drew a gun and stopped it. (Where is she now?) Is it the case that Baldy hasn’t exacted any physical revenge on Mark whatsoever, and has resumed calmly giving orders with that trademark grimace because he is the one with a gun? Because, if I had a gun, I’d have used it on something non-vital on Mark by now, assuming Mark was of any value to me alive. I guess I’m thin-skinned that way, regarding broken jaws and such.” –Just John

“Yeah man: you proved something to yourself and showed up the people who said you couldn’t do it, even if it didn’t result in you getting gainful employment. That’s exactly the attitude you want going in to grad school!” –pugfuggly

Random cut to a grinding industrial noise over a nighttime rural landscape … I see Mark Trail is trying to cash in on Twin Peaks fever. I look forward to six straight days of Cherry screaming.” –Dan

“Once again, justice prevails near Spider-Man. Hooray for Spider-Man’s general vicinity!” –A Concerned Reader

“This strikes a false note. A BLT is dangerously close to being a salad.” –Rusty

“And the absence of twists just keep on comin’! This storyline is a nonstop, very level, sensibly paced rollercoaster.” –Shoe Substitutes

“I love the contrast between Dick Tracy’s stereotype ’80s African American, dressed in neon colors and spiky lines, and its stereotype ’20s Jewish American (fun fact: according to the DT wiki, Sam is ‘best known for his loyalty, intelligence, compassion, surprised exclamations of Oy yi!, and the sandwiches made with his wife’s homemade rye bread which he keeps in his pockets’). Neo-Chicago is a city where stereotypes of all backgrounds and time periods can live together in harmony, and occasionally murder each other in brutal ways.” –Schroduck

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