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Funky Winkerbean, 9/9/17

Welp, there he is: Crankshaft, definitively confirmed as alive in the Funky era! Ha … ha? His beloved red baseball cap has apparently long been stripped away, to reveal a constellation of liver spots and a few scraggly hairs. At least he still seems to be seethingly angry! Anyway, Mindy is trying to get through to his foggy mind in the only language he understands: phrases that aren’t really cliches or even malapropisms but kind of sound like they might be.

Mary Worth, 9/9/17

“Marriage is curious thing. I went into it a few years ago thinking that was it for me. Since I we met, I realized there was something more I wanted: more than one woman having sex with me, at the same time! Or, you know, two or more women who I’m having a sexual relationship with simultaneously. We have to work our way up to the same time part, ha ha! Anyway, your dad: still on that work trip, or…?”