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Y’all, we’re one week out from the first Friday of the month, which means it’s time for me to bug you about next week’s Internet Read Aloud! Tell me you’re going on Facebook, which constitutes a legally binding contract!

Then, after that, enjoy this comment of the week!

“Damn right it cures rebellion! Based on the picture in his office, the doctor is a supporter of William V, Prince of Orange. Long live the Stadtholder!” –KMD

Then enjoy these runners up!

“Can’t believe the pluggers just carjacked the Popemobile. They’ve gone too far this time.” –Schroduck

“If Corey isn’t the child of the ex nut job, and not the child of Pink Hair here, where did he come from? I stand by my theory that his dad was cloned, for some unknown reason.” –Rusty

“I’ve noticed the real and imaginary versions of Wilbur have his combover firmly in place while his girlfriend’s hair is blowing around. I wondered what hair products he uses but he’s probably just sticky.”

“Ha ha, it’s funny because Iris is studying the long, sordid tale of U.S. domination of Latin America! Panama won’t be the last worm-like appendage separated from Colombia, if you catch my drift.” –pastordan

Greg Wilkins is the only one who looks truly happy to be going on his comic strip beat. ‘Ah, another day of child abuse and Big Tobacco kick-backs,’ he thinks.” –TheDiva

“Like so many dreams, Homer’s and Mario’s fantasy of having sex in a crowded subway car proved to be better in their minds than in real life.” –Nekrotzar

“If the bank robbers in today’s Mark Trail could afford a spiffy twin-engine prop plane, why are they robbing banks? And if they robbed the bank to afford the plane, I can tell you they did not steal enough for fuel, upkeep, and hanger fees. Stupid, stupid bank robbers.” –Voshkod

“Of course Dennis laughs with malice. It’s just the sort of thing he used to do when he was a babe. But look at the fact that he’s standing on an Ottoman. He’s the same size as the toddler. Menace as you wish, but suffer the consequences for life, young man.” –Hogenmogen

“Alice joins in with graceful vengeance and all four facial expressions in panel two are gold. If only Dennis’ punishing, Crankshaft-caliber ‘derailed’ punchline had been left as white space, this would have been awesome. And what’s more menacing than casual self-sabotage?” –Davey Compson

“There was no genie so there will be no irony in the granting of the wish, but Ditto will still discover there’s a catch years from now when he has diabetes.” –Spunky The Wonder Squid

‘Genies help those who help themselves’ is kind of an odd theology, and sounds like something that will be a part of a long rambling statement adult Ditto will give against his lawyer’s advice.” –pugfuggly

“I’m really hoping we will see at least a year of Wilbur and Iris dumping each other for more desirable partners, getting dumped in turn, and crawling back to settle for each other.” –Lorne

“The Keanes take their kids to a GP. That stands for ‘Gepetto from Pinocchio.’” –Joe Blevins

“All y’all are missing the significance of the picture. That is an American colonist without a rifle. That MMR (the ‘MM’ is for ‘Minutemen’) shot traveled back in time and disarmed the colonies’ militias. Dr. Mustache works for the National Health Service now.” –matt w

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