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Mary Worth, 11/24/17

Oh hey, it looks like the thing we all thought Wilbur was yelling about was in fact the thing he was yelling about: Fabiana and Pedro are locked in a lover’s embrace, or at least a very angry hug! Shoutout to Fabiana for really going in with the classic “we were rehearsing a play!” excuse, slightly modified for the venue. Anyway, I look forward to Wilbur learning that his angry declaration in panel two is based on an unnecessary dichotomy derived from a false assumption, since in fact there’s a tradition of cousin marriage in some regions of Columbia.

Judge Parker, 11/24/17

Oh hey, it looks like the warden of April’s prison is following shadowy CIA directives to make sure she meets a gruesome end behind bars! I’m not really sure what’s going on with the wavy-haired brunette in panel two. My guess is that as a hardened criminal she’s disgusted at being roped into the power struggles directed by “the man,” and is covering her nose to express her disgust at what she’s become. Even so, she can’t bring herself to actually do the warden’s dirty work, her attempts to punch April repeatedly swinging wildly wide of the mark.