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Mark Trail, 1/25/18

Wait, who is Doc talking to on the phone? We all know he doesn’t have any friends, and when it comes to romance Cherry has to basically exploit his love for his grandson to force him into sexual liaisons with the local ladies who lust after him. My theory is that this is a toy phone that Mark gave to him yell nonsense into so that passersby aren’t alarmed when he starts in with his shoutings again.

Family Circus, 1/25/18

Welp, it looks like Billy’s finally figured out that domestic labor is indeed labor — and in his case, since inadequate retirement savings often mean that parents rely on their adult children in retirement, any labor that helps raise his academic achievement level will have a quantifiable financial return down the line. A look at his parents’ facial expressions lets you know exactly who benefits from having the true nature of the economic system properly understood in the Keane Kompound.