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Hello all! Your COTW in a moment, but first, a link that may be of interest: I wrote an encomium of sorts for Mort Walker over at the Village Voice, focusing on how General Halftrack came to stop sexually harassing Miss Buxley. Check it out!

Also, I wanted to give a sendoff to Piranha Club, formerly Ernie, which is hanging up the pen after 30 years this week. I never really discussed it here but it’s always been on my list of strips I enjoy, so let’s wish Bud Grace well in retirement!

One person who isn’t going anywhere is me, and I’ll be continuing the stately rhythms of comments of the week and comment blogging forever. Here’s this week’s top comment!

“Rex trusts Lou for legal advice because Lou arranges the fake law books on his shelves by color, which is how Rex arranges the fake medical books in his library. Lou considers child custody cases, along with grand theft auto and capital gains tax, to be ‘yellow’, which coincidentally is Rex’s diagnosis for male pattern baldness, dementia, and strep throat.” –seismic-2

And here’s the hilarious runners up!

“The only part of this I like is the brief moment when Dennis struggles to come up with an answer to Margaret’s question. ‘I do … It’s a … new TV channel.’ It’s like he’s thinking, ‘Must not show weakness in front of Margaret.’” –Joe Blevins

“The greatest menace Dennis ever pulled was convincing the world that he wasn’t a plugger.” –livingonvideo

“Yep, I think the main problem was that we gave you these helmet-shaped hats instead of actual helmets. Felt just doesn’t absorb the shock that well, I guess. Well, live and learn!” –pugfuggly

Not in this universe. If it sounds like that response doesn’t make sense, just remember that I’ve taken a LOT of universes to the head in this trauma.” –JJ48

“This is Mark Trail. It’s OK if a dental lab technician looks like a ventriloquist’s dummy, as long as the Crested Caracara that will eventually feast on her entrails is field-guide quality.” –Richardf8

“He’s run from the swamp to a downtown hospital. He’s given blood and received blood. He’s not turning into the Hulk again anytime soon. Do you think that maybe it might be time to put some clothes on?” –handsome Harry Backstayge, idol of a million other women

“I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A tree, a rock, a garbage pail,
Beside the barracks,
Beside the lake, next to the Sarge,
Confused and standing in the breeze.” –Voshkod

“You ever notice how there are never any ‘muffin actors’, just ‘muffin stars?’” –The Mighty Untrained FOOZLE

“One of the nice things about not really paying attention to a comic is I can read today’s strip and imagine Randy’s talking about his daughter as the one who escaped federal prison and now he’s hoarding a minuscule fugitive, which sounds more exciting than just sitting around polishing his kid with a pair of tighty whities.” –Spunky the Wonder Squid

“‘The more the merrier!’ says Rex, laying the groundwork for some future swap action.” –Pozzo

“‘So, Jeff, I’m wearing my frilliest pink robe…’ ‘Mary, you’ve got to cash in on this muffin thing! Ted has seen every episode of Shark Tank so he knows what he’s talking about!’ ‘We can talk about that later. Right now, I’m about to get into my big, double bed all alone. If only…’ ‘Mary, the muffins! You could be spoken of in the same breath as Dolly Madison, Little Debbie, Bob Entenmann, the titans of baked goods!’ ‘…Goddamnit, Jeff.’ [click]” –Aphthakid

“Agatha Christie’s characters are usually rentiers who, thanks to some vaguely defined inheritance, do not work for a living and can spend all their time committing murder, doing activities that will make them suspect of murder, or solving murders. What I am saying is that Mary Worth is Miss Marple in a universe where nothing interesting happens.” –Ettorre

“There’s only one way to convince Ms. Worth to become a famous muffin entrepreneur: Tell her the name of the brand will be ‘Thank You, Mary!’ Then she’ll finally get the one thing she’s always desired, which is to have people far and wide say those words. ‘I’d like some muffins, please.’ ‘What kind?’ ‘Thank You, Mary!’ [Mary somehow hears this from a thousand miles away and sighs in ecstasy.]” –BigTed

Standing still with the ball super-glued to your hands is definitely one way to ‘control the tempo’ I guess.” –Schroduck

“Oh, of course! Saul Lewman! Wasn’t he in that movie, Bat on a Heart Tit Woof?” –Old School Allie Cat

“Spider-Man’s only real talents are being able to walk up walls and shoot webs that allow him to swing around after jumping off of roofs and your grand plan to defeat him was to THROW HIM OFF OF A GODDAMN ROOF?” –Mumblix Grumph

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