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Spider-Man, 3/29/18

“There are human beings trapped inside those grotesque forms! Not like me! I’m not grotesque at all! Just normal and beautiful, albeit with radioactive blood and freakish mutations! Plus a red-and-blue spandex outfit for some reason. Oh, yeah, and mechanical gadgets on my wrists shoot out goo, justlike a spider. I’m extremely normal! But, like, I care about these grotesque monsters, for whatever reason. I’ve got to save them both, or die trying! Or, well, maybe we’ll skip they dying part. They’re pretty unpleasant to look at, to be honest.”

Dick Tracy, 3/29/18

I certainly hope that once this is all over and this murderous chef is in prison for life, Dick apologizes to him for doubting him. His boss really is sleeping with the fishes! You can’t pass up on opportunity for that sort of wordplay.