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Panel from Slylock Fox, 5/6/18

“Wait, Max, hold on. Just close your eyes for a second. Just think about this movie theater we’re in, how just a few years ago it would’ve been all humans in here, how ‘Konga’ would’ve been the villain in that picture, if they made it at all. And now it’s ours. It’s our theater, Max, and this perp — well, sure, he’s done some crimes, but he’ll being punished after a trial in a court of law, not beaten with a stick or put down by a vet. Take a minute to savor that fact, you know? Just a minute. This guy’s not going anywhere, I promise.”

Rex Morgan, M.D., 5/6/18

Man, what sort of adventures are the Harwoods going to have as they travel across this great country of ours? I sure hope they get to see America’s most fascinating tourist attractions, like that big mansion where Jordan and Michelle are trying their best to fuck in every single room before the lawyers for his dead boss’s estate come and kick him out!